*love: the beach

Had a day at English Bay, Vancouver BC today (Aug 3, 2011). It was gorgeous weather. The sun was brightly shining and the sky was clear. It couldn’t have been any better.

The firework show “Odyessy”, prepared by Spain, was interesting to say the least. The fireworks were beautifully choreographed with the music and they danced together seemlessly. However, I found the songs to not really flow with one another, but rather, it seems like they were just tracks playing side by side. So at times, the mood changed drastically. Although, this could have been the point.

Compared to last Saturday when China was putting on “China Storm”, the fireworks themselves were less spectacular. China really brought out the BIG ONES, while Spain seem to aim at harmony between the songs and used less giant fireworks. Also, I couldn’t hear China’s music as well as I heard Spain’s, so there may be some bias.

Regardless, the Celebration of Lights is a wonderful summer event and I absolutely love attending – despite the rush to beat everyone home afterwards! I can’t wait for Canada’s turn this Saturday.

I didn’t take any photos  of the fireworks because my camera wasn’t good enough. But I found this one online:

celebration of lights fireworks 2011

Celebration of Lights 2011


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