Let the Countdown begin… to PEBCs


Let the Countdown begin... to PEBCs

On the right-hand side, there is a live countdown to the first PEBC Exam: May 20th.. in exactly 2 months.

PEBCs: MCQ: May 20th, May 21st, 2014
OSCE: May 25th, 2014
3.5 hours x 3 days…



Let the studying begin.
May we all come out as registered pharmacists in a few months.

Good luck everyone.


To take or not to take, a natural health product for my cold

So, I got a sample of Sisu brand Cold and Flu Rescue with Ester-C
Manufacturer’s product description here: http://www.sisu.com/sisu/products/product.jsp?category=200&sub=202&id=153


NHN 80004283

I’m taking DM for my cough, and some Arthrotec for a few days for reasons related to pain.

Analyzing the product:

Medicinal ingredients:

Vitamin C (Calcium ascorbate)…300 mg
from Ester-C® brand calcium ascorbate

—> OK. Vitamin C is good. is safe. conflicting evidence of its efficacy in common cold.

Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata) leaf extract…200 mg
standardized to contain 10% andrographolides

—> Never heard of this… According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) it likely safe for oral and short term;  possibly effective for common cold, especially if taken with Siberian ginger, if started within 72 hours of cold symptom onset. “Dosage is 200mg daily for 5 days have been used” (which means… nothing too significant to me); ADR: usually well-tolerated, may cause GI effects, headaches, some anticholinergic side effects

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)…200 mg

—> used for acetaminophen poisoning…and other things; apparently “possibly” effective in reducing influenza symptoms
ADR: Nausea, adb pain , vomiting, constipation… Dosages used for influenza is 600mg BID.

Purple coneflower extract (Echinacea purpurea) (aerial parts/root) 4:1…60 mg
equivalent to 240 mg of purple coneflower

Narrow-leaf echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) (root) 5:1 extract…45 mg
equivalent to 225 mg of narrow-leaf echinacea, standardized to contain 4% echinacosides

–> Used for treating common cold and upper respiratory infection. Likely safe if used orally and short term; possibly effective for the common cold
–> DDI: w/ caffeine: inc plasma concentration (could be a good thing for students like me!)
–> usually well-tolerated; dosages vary

So after that brief summary… it seems OK to take. No drug interactions for me, mostly GI adverse reactions. Some ingredients are likely effective in the common cold.

I’ll take some and see what happens; although, I guarantee, this won’t be a trial without confounding factors.

According to the label, it says to take 2 capsules 3 times a day.

First day of exams!

Nice and sunny. Good thing I decided to leave the blinds turned the other way so that I’m awaken by rays of sunshine (and of happiness :)). Whoelse feels like they don’t want to get out of bed if the day is gloomy and gray?

Sunshine beckons to you!

Good luck on your exams, everyone! 🙂
You know more than you think you know!


Today, I dreamt of eating Asian bread. Maybe I’ll get some at T & T before the exam…

the day childhood came into the Pharmacy building.

We sang our national anthem

“O Canada…..”

because our prof just received his Canadian Citizenship this morning. 
Loved it. 
So much patriotism. 


It seems that either our signing was so moving or it sucked terribly, because right after the lights in the room went crazy – blinking on and off, pulsing, making some people nauseous. 


The next prof, he sang the beloved Barney song. 

But he was teaching about contraceptives so it was slightly different:

“I love her, she loves me,
We want a great big family!
I gave her lots of hugs and a kiss from me to her…
but nothing and i just don’t know what to do!”