Let the Countdown begin… to PEBCs


Let the Countdown begin... to PEBCs

On the right-hand side, there is a live countdown to the first PEBC Exam: May 20th.. in exactly 2 months.

PEBCs: MCQ: May 20th, May 21st, 2014
OSCE: May 25th, 2014
3.5 hours x 3 days…



Let the studying begin.
May we all come out as registered pharmacists in a few months.

Good luck everyone.


Why did you want to become a pharmacist instead of a doctor ?


There are many reasons! 

1. I worked in a pharmacy before deciding that I would like to pursue pharmacy – it turned out to not be “boring” because it’s not just about counting pills like I had thought! (Actually, many people think this is all pharmacists do – count pills and push drugs – totally NOT true). 

2. I enjoy being at the frontlines of community health care – we are accessible to the community at almost all hours of the day – depending on where you’re living or which pharmacies you have access to, some pharmacies are opened 24 hours! Being accessible means that the public don’t have to make an appointment and wait hours to see me!

3. Regular hours, and I don’t have to bring my work home.

4. I find pharmacy to be less stressful than medicine.. But that is just my opinion. 

5. I enjoy helping people with minor ailments, answering their questions, and to be able to see them often to really develop a good professional/therapeutic relationship with them.

6. AND TBH I’m tired of school and hardly want to spend another 6 years (at least) studying medicine. 

Those were the top 6 reasons I had when deciding which profession to pursue. 

But, I know many of my classmates and friends who are, or who are becoming, great doctors. If you think you can handle the workload of medical school first, and then the stress of the actual residency and job, then go for it! I’ll just ask for one favour on behalf of all pharmacists : please write your prescriptions neatly and return our calls! kthx! 🙂

Hope that helped. 

The good o’ early days…. one more year to go!

First day of exams!

Nice and sunny. Good thing I decided to leave the blinds turned the other way so that I’m awaken by rays of sunshine (and of happiness :)). Whoelse feels like they don’t want to get out of bed if the day is gloomy and gray?

Sunshine beckons to you!

Good luck on your exams, everyone! 🙂
You know more than you think you know!


Today, I dreamt of eating Asian bread. Maybe I’ll get some at T & T before the exam…

the day childhood came into the Pharmacy building.

We sang our national anthem

“O Canada…..”

because our prof just received his Canadian Citizenship this morning. 
Loved it. 
So much patriotism. 


It seems that either our signing was so moving or it sucked terribly, because right after the lights in the room went crazy – blinking on and off, pulsing, making some people nauseous. 


The next prof, he sang the beloved Barney song. 

But he was teaching about contraceptives so it was slightly different:

“I love her, she loves me,
We want a great big family!
I gave her lots of hugs and a kiss from me to her…
but nothing and i just don’t know what to do!”